Reader’s guide to Guideline artist’s fees

The guideline for artists’ fees was jointly developed with input from interested organisations and associations in the art world in the Netherlands whose members encounter the issue of artists’ fees on a daily basis. By producing this guideline, the field is working together to promote a more professional contract practice in non-selling exhibitions. Participants display social entrepreneurship and respond to the call of the Social Economic Council and the Council for Culture to improve the position of artists on the labour market. The guideline was developed based on practical research done in the past two years for BKNL* and facilitated by the Mondriaan Fund, the incentive fund for art and heritage. The introduction of the guideline is supported by an experimental regulation, for which the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has made a budget available. The guideline is based on the ‘comply or explain’ principle and comes into force from 1 January 2017. The effectiveness of the guideline and other implementation aspects will be monitored and evaluated after a year.

Who does the guideline target?

Which organisations support the guideline?

What does this covenant mean in concrete terms?

What does the guideline state?

When does the guideline come into force?

Experimental regulation

* Beeldende Kunst Nederland (BKNL) is an informal consultative body of organisations which defend the interests of artists, museums, presentation institutions and galleries in the Netherlands. BKNL represents Platform BK, Kunstenbond, Kunsten ‘92, the Beroepsvereniging van Beeldend Kunstenaars (BBK), the Nederlandse Galerie Associatie (NGA) and the lobby association for presentation institutions for Zaak Nu. The Mondriaan Fund facilitates and coordinates BKNL.