What is the standard for artists’ fees?

What does the calculator calculate?

What is the calculation of the minimum artists’ fees based on?

Do the artists’ fees according to the Guideline apply per artist or per work?

How should fees for performance art be calculated?

How should fees for a short event such as a lecture or workshop be calculated?

How should an artist’s fee for research or a residency be calculated?

How do you calculate artists’ fees for a permanent exhibition?

How should artists’ fees be calculated in the case of a combination of different types of work, such as existing work and new work?

How do you calculate artists’ fees for an artist duo or artists’ collective?

What is considered new work according to the Guideline on Artists’ Fees?

Do artists’ fees have to be paid when exhibiting work from an individual or museum’s own collection?

Does the Guideline apply to exhibitions where the work is for sale?

Can I pay an artist less than the amounts in the Guideline?

Can you apply for compensation for artists’ fees?

Are the artists’ fees according to the calculator excluding or including VAT?